”I wonder what it is that she wants, what she is after. They say that she comes without warning, without purpose or thought. She comes in the dark. Her heart is lonely and cold. […] Her path is numbing, and she takes something from you and replaces it with an aching and longing. A longing for something you cannot reach. She is cautious and careful never to be seen, but sometimes her sorrow becomes too heavy, and then she just stands there. That’s when the fog comes. At least this is what I think.”

Elsa Oscarsson, June 14th 1902

"I saw something last night. We were in the car on our way home from a dinner, the children were asleep in the backseat. On the left side of the road, by the trees right on the edge of the forest, something was standing. Do you remember that summers night when we were kids and we thought we saw something moving in the woods? I had almost forgotten about that night [...] but I swear, what I saw last night was that very same thing.”

Leif Hedlund, September 19th 1974

"A hunter went into the woods to hunt on a spring night, but as he was out somewhat too early, he built a small fire to keep himself warm. Suddenly, a terrible noise sounded through the forest. The hunter could however not see one living thing around him. The noise continued all throughout the night, until dawn. When the hunter decided to head home, he saw some game, and aimed his gun. He pressed the trigger, but see! The trigger was as if bolted down."